Dana Marshall (Brooklyn, New York)

My work is inspired by the notion of “tathata” which means “as it is” in Sanskrit and comes from the word tathagatagarbha = Buddha nature. Buddha means “awake” and that is what I look for in the people and objects that I photograph. I am drawn to the genre of still life for its inherent ability to distill life. It is this sheer essence that I seek to capture in my photographs.
"De omarming door de natuur, een ode aan schoonheid en kwetsbaarheid. Een lofzang op het eeuwige van het vergankelijke, zoals een blijvende herinnering aan een intens dierbare.
"Herman Hoeneveld in P/F Fotografie 4-2001.


Dana Marshall (Brooklyn, 1962)

Technique: Photographic still lifes. The backgrounds are painted and combined with real objects which are then photographed and printed with the ultra chrome print technique.

Education: Bachelor of Fine Art's degree in Photography at The School of Visual Arts in New York, with an Outstanding Student Award in 1985. Two years, 1989-1991, Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam (Post Graduate National Academy of Visual Arts).

AnnaAna with maskPortraits on assignment
GabyGaby on horsePortraits on assignment
kumquats-and-physalisKumquats and Physalis (2007)
25x 32 (oplage 20) en 86x 110 (oplage 10)
PomegranateRelics (2011) Pomegranate25x 32 (oplage 20) en 86x 110 (oplage 10)
Pigment looseGarland (2004) Pigment loose20x 20 (oplage 20) en 80x 80 (oplage 10)
threadRelicss (2011) Thread25x 32 (oplage 20) en 86x 110 (oplage 10)

Relics (2011)

Open Fig

25x 32 (oplage 20) en 86x 110 (oplage 10)
Matters (2001)
16x20 (oplage 20) en 86x110 (oplage 10)
sea-fan-redRelics (20i1)
Sea Fan Red
25x 32 (oplage 20) en 86x 110 (oplage 10)
red-tulipPadma (2000)
Red Tulip
16x 20 (oplage 20) en 86x 110 (oplage 10)